Nappy-baby KNEW this was coming, via “Sequester”, yet STILL approved a $50 million purchase of new uniforms for TSA, the 3rd SUCH PURCHASE IN 5 YEARS! THIS way she could ensure the American public would “feel” the “sequester pain” and lay the blame at the feet of Republicans. IF THE PEOPLE KNOW, THEY WON’T BE FOOLED!!

“FAA furloughs kick in, some flight delays appear”

“Delays were also affecting travelers in Los Angeles. The FAA said late Sunday night that staffing cuts were causing delays averaging more than three hours for flights arriving at Los Angeles International Airport. The agency did not say how many flights were affected.   Airport spokesman Marshall Lowe said about 70 flights had delays of about an hour or more Sunday, but he could not say what role the staffing cuts played in the delays.”

By Doug

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