THIS is what our society is degenerating to. One composed of children raised without proper parenting, proper guiding and molding, without proper role-models or genuine LEADERS to follow. This is the 3rd generation of this. And we wonder why?!?! Somehow, it seems fitting that this happened in “The City Of Brotherly Love”.

“‘Cain-and-Abel’ stabbing in Upper Darby”

“…the brothers were alone in their house…about 4:30 p.m. Saturday when they began fighting about money the 17-year-old…owed…his brother.   …the younger teen retrieved a butcher knife and began swinging it at his brother, saying he was going to kill him… The older boy put up his left arm in defense and almost lost his hand… He then put up his other arm and the 15-year-old caused a significant gash to that as well…

“He’s lucky he didn’t kill him. If the kid didn’t defensively put the block up, he would have killed him,” Chitwood said. “The tragedy is that here’s two brothers, and now one’s almost dead and the other is wanted over something stupid.””

By Doug

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