The ULTIMATE result of the “Entitlement Mentality”: “Sure, I hit their car and killed them, but look what I”M going through now!! You should be feeling sorry for ME, not my victims!!”

“”I’m made out to be the monster in all this… Accidents happen. I’m sad. It was a tragedy. Let’s ask the cab driver why did he run the stop sign.”

WABC inquired of Acevedo whether he was certain the livery hack ran a stop sign before he T-boned the vehicle…

“Positive,” Acevedo replied.

Acevedo, who fled, was arrested four days later in Pennsylvania.

…prosecutors’ allegations…that he accelerated to nearly 70 mph…and was swerving through traffic…moments before the accident occurred…

Acevedo, who previously served 10 years on a murder rap, insists… “Now knowing what I’m going through, I would have stayed,” Acevedo told WABC.”

By Doug

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