While these ARE different companies, the double-standards for what applies to the “working man” and what applies to “executives”. One they take his badge; one they take his JOB!! And let me be clear – THEY BOTH SHOULD HAVE LOST THIER JOBS for this kind of security breach. THIS type of hypocrisy enrages me!! NOT to mention the security issues involved!!!!!!

“Airline, Airport Employees Caught Abusing Security Badges”

“But that didn’t stop an off-duty Continental Airlines worker from using his badge to put his family in a van at a cargo facility and then drive them across the airport ramp to terminal E.

A police report said the worker told officers he, his wife and two children were “cutting through the terminal to catch a flight home to Ohio.”

DFW police seized his security badge. A spokeswoman for United Airlines, which merged with Continental, said the worker involved no longer works for the company.

Just three weeks ago, DFW police seized a badge belonging to the Fred Cleveland, a senior vice president and chief operating officer at American Eagle Airlines.

A report obtained by NBC 5 Investigates said officers caught Cleveland “escorting his wife through the employee portal to meet with his daughter who was flying in.”

A spokeswoman for American Eagle said “Mr. Cleveland has a full understanding of what the rule is and will complete re-training to get his badge back. He does regret the error.”

By Doug

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