OMG!!! The RINO’s are roaming unrestircted in herds like the former buffalo!!! Looks like it’s gettin’ to be time for a good ol’ fashioned, “JEEEeeee – HAAAAWwwd!!!”

“Koch Sponsors Pro-Amnesty BuzzFeed Event”

“At first…the panel appears diverse…a Democrat…a Republican…two…conservative…one…liberal Hispanic/Latino…one…libertarian…

Look…closer…five…are strongly in favor of…comprehensive immigration reform/amnesty…. Only one …has been critical…. Additionally, an illegal immigrant…journalist will be assisting in broadcasting…

Here’s the lineup:

Clarissa Martinez, Director of Immigration & National Campaigns at National Council of La Raza

Mario Lopez, President at Hispanic Leadership Fund

The advisory board of the Hispanic Leadership Fund

Joaquin Castro: A freshman Democrat congressman from Texas and the twin brother of San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, the keynote speaker at the 2012 Democratic National Convention.

Luis G. Fortuño, former Governor of Puerto Rico: A Republican, he is on the Advisory Board of the Hispanic Leadership Fund

Jose Antonio Vargas will be live-tweeting the event…he’s…an undocumented alien who revealed his illegal status over a year ago.

Alex Nowrasteh, Immigration Policy Analyst at The Cato Institute

Derrick Morgan, VP of Domestic & Economic Policy at The Heritage Foundation”

By Doug

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