ABSOLUTELY UNFRIGGIN’ BELIEVABLE!!! Four Americans dead, to include a sitting Ambassador, while Barry and the Hilidebeast watched via drone-tv in a Sit-room at the White House (probably holding hands, guzzling beer and pizza), ordering units WITHIN RESCUE RANGE to “STAND DOWN”………….and to HIM………..THAT’S A SIDE SHOW?!?!?!?

“Obama calls Benghazi controversy a ‘sideshow'”

“””There’s no there there,” Obama said. The president, further, reiterated prior arguments that he called the attack terrorism from the start, dismissing claims that the administration intentionally downplayed that element.

Obama on Monday dismissed the questions as rooted in “political motivations.”

But Obama said Monday that the administration has been clear all along that officials “were not clear” at the time what was behind the attack.

“If this was some effort on our part to try to downplay what had happened or tamp it down, that would be a pretty odd thing that three days later we end up putting out all the information,” Obama said. “Who executes some sort of cover-up or effort to tamp things down for three days? So the whole thing defies logic.””

By Doug

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