Oh, look!! Komrad Erik has learned a new word! ‘Recuse”. Unfortunately he thinks it means, “It’s not my fault; I told someone ELSE to do it.”

“U.S. Attorney General Holder recused himself from media subpoena”

“U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder said on Tuesday that he had recused himself from the Justice Department’s controversial decision to secretly seize telephone records of the Associated Press.

Instead, the decision to seek phone records of one of the world’s largest news-gathering organizations was made by the deputy attorney general, Holder said. Jim Cole currently holds that position.

The seizure, denounced by critics as a gross intrusion into freedom of the press, has created an uproar in Washington and led to questions over how the Obama administration is balancing the need for national security with privacy rights.

Holder said he recused himself from the matter to avoid a potential conflict of interest because he was interviewed by the FBI in connection with the investigation into the unauthorized disclosure of classified information.””


By Doug

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