Getting Old Sucks

I’m trying very hard to understand.

 An athletic 18 year old; 240 or so lbs, between 6’2” and 6’4”; backs a 55 year old coworker; 5’10”, 220 lbs; up against the shelves in a walk-in refrigerator, jams his finger in his face about 1/8 inch from his glasses, looks him coldly in the eyes and says, “I’m gonna beat your ass!”  He says he “heard” the older coworker was talking about him behind his back, calling him a “Stupid M—– F—-“.  He ended with, “I’m gonna beat the shit out of you.”


The 55 year old co-worker explained that not only did he not talk about people behind their backs, but also did not use that language under normal circumstances.  He told the younger man he had not talked about him at any time, behind his back or otherwise, and stepped around him and quickly exited the walk-in. 


The older gentleman filed a complaint, providing exceptional detail about the entire incident.  He had been a legal clerk at one time, and knew what to do, what to remember, and how to fill out an official statement.  He turned all required statements and paperwork over to the next authority “up the chain”, following all proper complaint procedures as per Human Resources.  He told the “next authority” he did not feel physically safe working in the same building as the 18-year old.  He was informed to stay home pending the results of the investigation.


In the meantime, the 18-year old continued to work and take home a paycheck, living at home with his parents and bragging to everyone how he had “handled” the older employee and his constant harping on food cost and proper procedures. 


The older person who had nearly been assaulted missed a week’s pay, with rent and utilities coming due.  When he asked if there were another store he might work at, he was told it was very doubtful, someone “would look into it” and “get back to him”.  He is still waiting.


And now the waiting is over.


“The Powers That Be” within this particular corporation decreed that since there were no witnesses to the alleged incident, they had no choice but to consider it “he said/she said” and close the matter without action.


As for the 55-year old who had filed a complaint, well, things just weren’t working out for everyone so gradually the schedule reflected fewer and fewer hours total at more and more outrageous times for 2 or 3 hour periods.  In short, the schedule that had always been so easily to accommodate was no longer flexible enough to be worked.


Moral of the story? 


I don’t know…..I’m still looking for one.

By Doug

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