SEE? There still IS good news……still ARE good people…….programs that ARE working!! Heroes…..EVERY color, shape, size, ethnicity, gender, age…….. Genuine Heroe’s one and all.

SEE?  There still IS good news......still ARE good people.......programs that ARE working!!  Heroes.....EVERY color, shape, size, ethnicity, gender, age........  Genuine Heroe's one and all.

“Small Atlanta tea shop rescues girls from poverty in India”

Katrell Christie….owner of Dr. Bombay’s Underwater Tea Party, a… tea shop in Atlanta…traveled …to the Darjeeling region of northeast India to explore the tea plantations…Christie encountered a group of young girls who were…forced out of their orphanage for exceeding the age of sixteen. …Christie knew the girls would likely face grim futures…

“I came back to Atlanta and wrote a little note and put it up on the lamp and told my customers what I had seen,” Christie said. “I really wanted to help these girls and they probably had no future without the help.”

With an inflow of customer support, Christie was able to return to India and rent an apartment for the girls to live…pay for their education, uniforms, and medical needs.

Her shop began hosting traditional Indian dinners each month and selling books donated by the community…to raise…more… Christie… turn…her tea-shop into an official support fund for the…girls in India.

…importing green and black tea directly from Darjeeling to raise additional funds for the girls. She sells it at her shop and through her website …her program prepares…girls for college…pays their tuition, in addition to meeting their basic needs…

In…four years…The Learning Tea…has been able to rescue 11 girls…. …one…sold into the sex trafficking industry, one who lost both of her parents to tuberculosis…one who was left disabled for two years by the effects of malnutrition.

“We budget each girl to cost about $1000 a year for everything,” Christie said. “We supply anything you would possibly need to live: a place to live, clean water, nutritious meals, supervision, uniforms. We pay for all education, all books, all medical. We keep everybody up to date on their shots.”

By Doug

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