Voter fraud and abuse?! Oh, THAT doesn’t exist in the United States. Just ask Komrad Erik. Or the Hildebeast. Or Nappy-baby. Or Barry. Or MOO-chelle. THEY wouldn’t lie to us…..WOULD THEY?!? (I don’t know….are their lips moving?) Or as they say in New Hampshire, “…you have to rely on the trustworthiness of individuals to do the right thing…”

“Concerns raised about voter eligibility – Critics say NH law open to abuse”

“Exceptions are in place for nonresidents who are students, but when it comes to the domicile requirement, some wonder if the system is being abused.

State Sen. Martha Fuller Clark, D-District 21, has eight people registered to vote under her…address in Portsmouth. Several…came to New Hampshire to work on campaigns…and voted…before moving on.

…asked about the legitimacy of their domicile status…:

“…young people who stayed with me were committed to New Hampshire… whether they intended to stay is impossible to predict.”

… the law allows a…wide interpretation of who’s eligible to vote. Deputy Secretary of State Dave Scanlan said that…a person could move into the state a day before an election…vote and…leave the next day.

…the law says an inhabitant’s domicile for voting purposes is “that one place where a person, more than any other place, has established a physical presence and manifests an intent to maintain a single continuous presence.”

“Because the law is vague…it does create…problems,” Scanlan said. “…you have to rely on the trustworthiness of individuals to do the right thing… We know that doesn’t…happen.””

By Doug

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