More exceptional wisdom from The Weekly Standard.

More exceptional wisdom from The Weekly Standard.

“Leading from Behind – Mike Lee takes point against Obamacare”

“On Wednesday, July 17, Senator Mike Lee strode onto the Senate floor and called for Republicans to defund Obamacare. His case was simple. If the White House is calling for a yearlong delay in the implementation of two key elements of the law—the employer mandate and verification of eligibility for subsidies on health care exchanges—then Congress shouldn’t fund it.

Lee’s speech emphasized the fundamental unfairness of delaying the employer mandate but enforcing the individual mandate. “Republicans in Congress must now stand up for the individuals and families who do not have the money, lobbyists, and connections to get this administration’s attention,” he said.

And we should do so using one of the few constitutional powers Congress still guards—its power of the purse. As long as President Obama selectively enforces Obama­care, no annual appropriations bill or continuing resolution should further fund implementation of the law. In other words, if the president won’t follow it, the American people shouldn’t fund it.

It was a bold move. And if ever there were a time for being aggressive, it’s now.”

By Doug

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