Last night Sherri and I were taken out by some very close friends. Long-time readers MAY recall that one form of relaxation for me is karaoke. We got to one of our regular karaoke bars about 11:15 or so. Their lot was full, so we parked in the lot of a the other side of the building next door. We entered; Sherri told me the two women were going out to the patio. I got a table while my friend waited at the bar.

The “show” was in full swing, with the usual mix of good and bad and everything between. Time goes by quick with this place because it’s very much “audience participation”. I realized they had been on the patio quite a while and figured Sherri and her friend were “catching up”.

I looked back towards the bar and saw Sherri nearly at the table. She was visibly shaken, near hysteria. I stood up and held her. She was shaking and crying and saying, “We just got robbed!! He had a gun and he told us to turn around and I thought, ‘Chris, I’m going to see you sooner than I thought….’, and…..and…..and…”

Shortly after going on the patio, Sherri and her friend had heard a car alarm start sounding. After a few minutes her friend said that it sounded like HER alarm. They went back through the bar, grabbing my friend from the bar and went to check. As they rounded the bldg, they saw the back door of her vehicle standing open, window smashed, and someone IN THE CAR.

This @$$-hat stands up and points a gun at them. He tells them to put everything in their pockets on the hood. They comply. My friend has no wallet. @$$-hat doesn’t believe him and keeps demanding his wallet.

A few tense moments pass and @$$-hate tells them all to “turn around”. Sherri told me she was pretty certain they were going to be shot. After about 30-45 VERY TENSE MOMENTS OF SILENCE, he says, “Start walking back to the bar.”

After they “get around the bldg”, they sprint into the bar……where Sherri finds me, blissfully unaware, thinking they are all outside on the patio.


Certainly NOT intending to antagonize anybody, to those who MAY be inclined to say, “A CC would have solved that”…… While I applaud the sentiment and am a FIRM BELIEVER IN CC (let’s have no misunderstanding on that point…..), I must in this case respectfully disagree.

@$$-hat already had his out and pointing at those very dear to me! An immature cowboy with a CC almost certainly would have gotten at least one of them killed. The proper course of action was EXACTLY what they did.

And to the same sincere and well meaning who would say “after around the bldg, a CC would have been handy”, I would say my friends and wife’s proper course of action was what they did. Get to safety and then call the police.

So what’s the point? Honestly? I’m not entirely certain.

I know what comes to MY mind is that even when you are well-armed defensively, there ARE circumstances where the proper course of action is simply, “Do as you’re told”.

We lost our phone…..only a phone. The anniversary of Chris’s passing is next month. To have lost Sherri AT ALL, let alone so close to that would have been unbearable. But everyone is unhurt. Credit cards, cell phones, all things of that nature have been properly handled. Everybody is covered.

And everyone is alive.

If I had the money, I’d go BACK out tonight to relax and enjoy what we had gone out for LAST night.

Just to say, “#*&% YOU!!!” to @$$-hat, whoever he was.

By Doug

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