This is the PERFECT “Poster Child” for Obamascare!

This is the PERFECT “Poster Child” for Obamascare!

“Concord: Half of Affordable Care Act call center jobs will be part-time”

The Contra Costa County supervisor…called the…hiring process…about 7,000 applicants… a “comedy errors.”

“The…call center was…jobs with good…wages and benefits; I never dreamed they would be part-time,” said Karen Mitchoff, who…expressed her “extreme displeasure with how it was handled” to call center supervisors.

One recent hire…learned the job would be part-time, said…new…employees feel…they’ve been used as a political tool, and…regret applying…

“What’s really ironic is working…to help people get health care, but we can’t afford it ourselves,” said the worker, who asked for anonymity out of fear of losing the job. …portions of staff reports list all 204 jobs as full-time…a job posting said the same.

It’s the latest controversy involving the call center…

(Contra Costa Deputy County Administrator Theresa) Speiker said…7,000 applications were “totally outside what we anticipated with the demand for these jobs. We were blown away.”

…many…left…full-time jobs for the call center positions…

Those…part-time were told they would have to pay full freight on their health plans, ranging from $600 to $1,200 a month for a single worker and between $1,400 to $2,900 a month for…a family. That is a steep bill for employees with part-time jobs…”

By Doug

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