On the phone. If it weren’t such a tragedy, it would almost be a bad joke.

“Spain investigators: Train driver was on phone”

“The driver was on the phone with a colleague and…looking at a document as his train barreled ahead at 95 mph (153 kph) — almost twice the speed limit.

…Francisco Jose Garzon Amo received a call from…national rail company Renfe on his work phone in the cabin…to tell him what approach to take…

The Renfe employee…”appears to be a controller,” a person who organizes train traffic…

“From the…conversation and…background noise…the driver (was) consulting a plan or similar…document.

“…going…119 mph…shortly before the derailment…the driver activated the brakes “seconds before the crash,”… The speed limit on the section…was 50 mph…”

By Doug

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