As most know, I have recently started a new job as a Dining Room manager at a local hotel’s restaurant.  The hotel itself hosts many conferences and meetings, and yesterday when I arrived at work I discovered the hotel was hosting a conference of ALL THE GRASS-ROOTS ORGANIZATIONS AND PEOPLE OF THE KANSAS DEMOCRAT PARTY. 

I felt like I was dropped into the middle of a war zone….lol.  As the conference ended, we were FLOODED, literally, with the delegates for the bar and snacks.

Anyone who has ever worked restaurants knows what a sudden “slam” is like.  My staff was brand new, inexperienced, and barely out of training.  The kitchen had “crashed” and food was taking an inordinate amount of time coming out.  It was EXCEEDINGLY stressful, to say the very least.

We all did our very best; kept smiling, apologizing, buying appetizers as an apology for the delays, etc, etc.

What I discovered is at once “confirming” as well as extremely disappointing.

The “stereotype” of the typical libtard is TRUE and I saw it “demonstrated” towards me and my staff BY NEARLY EVERY PERSON THERE LAST NIGHT!!

They were exceptionally rude, condescending, aloof; had the “I’m a DELEGATE and YOU are just a lowly peon” attitude; were angry and mouthy and demanding and totally lacked any compassion or understanding of our situation.

The bartender and one of the servers were ready to walk out in RAGE for the way they were being treated.  One drunk INSISTED one of my servers had “stolen” his $50 bill.  (There was not a $50 even in the restaurant at the time!!) 

There was not ONE OUNCE OF DIGNITY OR PATIENCE OR UNDERSTANDING demonstrated by them toward me or my staff or our situation.  There was one guy who, I swear, resembled Al Sharpton not only in appearance but TOTALLY in mannerisms and attitude.  But then, they ALL had attitude.

Those who got drunk…….and that was the VAST majority…..were even ruder.  One lady was nearly falling off your stool, loudly berating everything not “democrat” and hanging all over all the men trying to “take her home”.  She DID have a wedding ring………

Another person was walking around shaking hands whether you were a delegate or not, loudly proclaiming to strangers they should be sure to “vote democrat”.  It was extremely annoying to all the non-delegates in the room.  Another guy thought it was ok for HIM to go behind the bar simply to talk to someone on the other end of the bar.  Never mind we could lose our liquor license over that – HE was “special”.

At close, we had to ask several of them to please take their drinks to the lobby or their rooms, as we could not run our nightly reports nor count-down cash with customers still in the restaurant.  After nearly half an hour, I had to simply TELL them…politely, but in no uncertain terms….they had to leave…..NOW!!

It saddens me to conclude that the stereotype of libtard-dems is real.  It saddens me even more to realize that this is true even of my fellow Kansans.  Somehow I expected better of them.  Silly me. 



By Doug

So Gene Simmons and KISS are expanding into the world of Arena Football! OUTSTANDING!! Suppose THEY will do the National Anthem at the games?

So Gene Simmons and KISS are expanding into the world of Arena Football!  OUTSTANDING!!  Suppose THEY will do the National Anthem at the games?

“KISS brings pro football back to Los Angeles with Arena Football League team”


“So here’s an unusual little story: KISS, the multimedia corporate product-spewing behemoth that used to be a rock band, has gone and bought its very own professional football team. In Los Angeles, no less. Sure, it’s in the Arena League, but Angelenos can’t be choosers these days.”

By Doug

Libtards? “Distort” the truth? OH, SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!!!!!!

Libtards?  “Distort” the truth?  OH, SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!!!!!!

“Liberal Distortion at The Atlantic – Contra what is said about my recent column, affirmative action is the true racial injustice.”


“…it is precisely affirmative action that is emblematic of “statistics be damned”: Grade-point averages and test scores are often nullified by considerations of race — on logic that is so poorly articulated and incoherent that it is rarely published or transparent (e.g., Which particular group is entitled to how much preference? How can we assess racial lineage in an increasingly multiracial society? Does class or race better illustrate diversity or privilege and advantage? How are we to weigh competing historical claims from various groups on the need for compensation? Etc.).

Most Americans…assume that a particular profile can be connected to an increased likelihood of criminality — without automatically assuming that all who might fit that profile are statistically likely to commit a crime, or that one need necessarily to do anything about those statistics other than to be mentally aware of the troublesome percentages.”

By Doug

Yet ANOTHER example of a life that WOULD have been spared if IMMIGRATION LAWS WERE ENFORCED!!!!!!!!!!!! How much longer, America, WILL WE TOLERATE THIS?!?

Yet ANOTHER example of a life that WOULD have been spared if IMMIGRATION LAWS WERE ENFORCED!!!!!!!!!!!!  How much longer, America, WILL WE TOLERATE THIS?!?

“The Illegal-Alien Murderer of Vanessa Pham – Her killer never should have been here in the first place.”


“In the liberal mindset, “root causes” of crime begin and end with the Second Amendment. But who pays the price when our public guardians fail to secure our borders, refuse to deport serial criminal offenders, and enable drug-crazed menaces to prey upon innocent citizens?”

By Doug

“Elitist Politicians”. Gotta love ‘em. NOT!!!

“Elitist Politicians”.  Gotta love ‘em.  NOT!!!

“Don’t Know Much About Geography – Today’s leaders are totally ignorant of what used to be the building blocks of learning.”


“Both disciplines are the building blocks of learning. Without awareness of natural and human geography, we are reduced to a self-contained void without accurate awareness of the space around us. An ignorance of history creates the same sort of self-imposed exile, leaving us ignorant of both what came before us and what is likely to follow.

Harvard Law School graduate Barack Obama recently lectured, “If we don’t deepen our ports all along the Gulf — places like Charleston, South Carolina; or Savannah, Georgia; or Jacksonville, Florida . . . ” The problem is that all the examples he cited are cities on the East Coast…

He once claimed that he had been to all “57 states.” He also assumed that Kentucky was closer to Arkansas than it was to his adjacent home state of Illinois.

In reference to the Falkland Islands, President Obama called them the Maldives — islands southwest of India — apparently in a botched effort to use the Argentine-preferred “Malvinas.”

When in the state of Hawaii, Obama announced that he was in “Asia.” He lamented that the U.S. Army’s Arabic-language translators assigned to Iraq could better be used in Afghanistan, failing to recognize that Arabic isn’t the language of Afghanistan. And he also apparently thought Austrians speak a language other than German.”

By Doug

Well, I guess under the “New Definitions Thesaurus”, I’m a “racist”. But then, according Nappy-baby, I’m a “Domestic Terrorist”, too…….both labels I wear PROUDLY!!!

Well, I guess under the “New Definitions Thesaurus”, I’m a “racist”.  But then, according Nappy-baby, I’m a “Domestic Terrorist”, too…….both labels I wear PROUDLY!!!

“North Carolina’s ‘Racist’ Voter-ID Law – Hillary and the Left are stirring up fear and anger among minority voters. . .yet again.”


“She assailed an alleged “assault on voting rights.” She took aim at the Supreme Court’s recent decision striking down a portion of the Voting Rights Act and excoriated states that have recently tightened their voting laws. She declared that “anyone who says that racial discrimination is no longer a problem in American elections must not be paying attention.”

Madam Secretary hasn’t missed a beat. She knows that the calling card of Democrats in the Obama era is a polarizing politics that seeks to fire up minority voters by stirring fears of fire hoses and police dogs. Its basic vocabulary is imputations of racism; its evidentiary standard is low and dishonest; and its ethic is whatever works — so long as it stirs fear and anger.”

By Doug