Again, I ask – “WHAT KIND OF PEOPLE ARE WE DEVOLVING INTO?!?!” IF we TRULY want to “Reclaim America”, we MUST return to our core American Values!! For us to simply replace idiots and libtards with others who HAVE NO VALUES, NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE!! Many of you ask, “When will the revolution start?” I posit to YOU that the “revolution” MUST begin WITHIN EACH ONE OF US!! In our Hearts, our Minds, our Spirits; we MUST inside ourselves return to the values and spirituality and morals and beliefs of “right and wrong” this Great Country was founded on!!! ANYTHING LESS WILL SIMPLY PUT NEW FACES ON THE SAME OLD PROBLEMS….and OUR “America”, the one we are TRYING TO reclaim, will simply cease to exist. IT STARTS WITH US INDIVIDUALLY!!!

By Doug

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