REAL Heroes!! No sports; no spotlight; no personal fame or glory; nothing but REAL people who REALLY care!!

REAL Heroes!!  No sports; no spotlight; no personal fame or glory; nothing but REAL people who REALLY care!!

“If You Needed Another Reason to Love Former SEAL Marcus Luttrell, Here It Is”

“All her 19-year-old son, Ian, “ever wanted to do” was be a soldier, but his diagnosis of a malignant brain tumor a little over two years ago made the dream impossible…

Williams knew how much it would mean to her son to actually meet Luttrell…but the VIP tickets that offered a meet-and-greet were…$354 each. It was Thursday when she saw the email, and the event was on Friday. She knew she could never raise the money in time.

So Williams became a mom “on a mission” on Thursday, determined to use whatever online presence she had to reach out, writing a post on her blog An Ordinary Mom…

She also wrote in a Facebook post to Luttrell: “We’ve received a lot of help over the past 2 years, but I’ve never come right out and asked for it…but when I saw notice of your event, I knew I had to try.”

And then she got an email letting her know that VIP tickets would be waiting at will call.

But to her surprise, she and Ian didn’t just get to meet Luttrell and go to the event — Luttrell and his wife pulled them aside for roughly twenty minutes for a private, relaxed chat.

“I wasn’t expecting that!” she wrote…

“It meant so much to hear a story like [Luttrell’s],” she added… “We knew his basic story, but to hear it right from the person staring right at him, the story of…perseverance, the whole idea behind ‘never quit,’ which has been our mantra for the last two years — never, ever give up. To hear it from someone who’s not just an amazing story, it’s an amazing military story, [which] has been so important to Ian for so many years…It just meant ten times as much.””

By Doug

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