An interesting, highly plausible theory.

An interesting, highly plausible theory.

“Could Egypt chaos open path to Rand Paul White House run?”

“This could Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s moment. As he lays the groundwork for his run for the White House in 2016, nothing will distinguish the libertarian, Republican senator more vividly from his competition than his views on national security and foreign policy.

Paul has been described as an isolationist – a “crazybird” by fellow Republican Senator John McCain — for his view that the U.S. should meddle in overseas affairs only when our national interest is directly at stake.

He believes Republicans can capture the presidency in 2016, but only by offering up a “transformational” candidate – one who changes the way voters think about our two political parties. He hopes to be that candidate, and he considers privacy concerns – NSA snooping, indefinite detentions of U.S. citizens, cyberintrusions and the like – the issue that will attract new voters to the Republican column.

Paul notes that support for the Fourth Amendment – the right of people to be secure in their houses and persons and bans unreasonable searches and seizures — crosses party lines; it is also attractive to young voters, essential to a GOP comeback.”

By Doug

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