Libtards? “Distort” the truth? OH, SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!!!!!!

Libtards?  “Distort” the truth?  OH, SAY IT ISN’T SO!!!!!!!!

“Liberal Distortion at The Atlantic – Contra what is said about my recent column, affirmative action is the true racial injustice.”

“…it is precisely affirmative action that is emblematic of “statistics be damned”: Grade-point averages and test scores are often nullified by considerations of race — on logic that is so poorly articulated and incoherent that it is rarely published or transparent (e.g., Which particular group is entitled to how much preference? How can we assess racial lineage in an increasingly multiracial society? Does class or race better illustrate diversity or privilege and advantage? How are we to weigh competing historical claims from various groups on the need for compensation? Etc.).

Most Americans…assume that a particular profile can be connected to an increased likelihood of criminality — without automatically assuming that all who might fit that profile are statistically likely to commit a crime, or that one need necessarily to do anything about those statistics other than to be mentally aware of the troublesome percentages.”

By Doug

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