A kind of “Wikipedia” for conservatism. Users are encouraged to post their own content, so long as it is factual, accurate, and LISTS RESOURCES. Please remember this sight is for CHILDREN and GRANDCHILDREN, too. Therefore, please keep any expletives to a MINIMUM and user SYMBOLS for some letters for the THEIR sakes.

But “Wake Up and Reclaim America” is about MUCH MORE than “politics”. For the last 50 years, we have watched a constant, steady decline in Traditional Family Values, Individual Accountability, Personal Responsibility, Godly Morals, Parental Control, Accountability and Responsibility for their childrens actions, and a host of other traits and assets that helped build, maintain, and make America GREAT!

Things our ancestors, forefathers, grandfathers, and fathers (Using a turn-of-phrase here – ALL PEOPLE OF OUR NATION’S HISTORY, MEN, WOMEN, FATHERS, MOTHERS, ETC ARE INCLUDED. NO OFFENSE, PLEASE!) believed, lived, and demonstrated in the normal every-day lives. Love and Fear of God; God again in His rightful place in our schools and homes; Honesty; Integrity; Faith; Truth; Trust; Character; Love; TRUE Tolerance (NOT the Libtard Variety!!!!), Compassion, and Understanding; Empathy; Responsibility; Accountability – all these and inumerable others I have not mentioned – THESE are what is needed to TRULY Wake Up and Reclaim America, the America we all know, knew, see disappearing, AND KNOW WE CAN BE AGAIN!!!

All postings are subject to removal as determined by the editorial staff. Profane, idiotic, argumentative, or unsupported opinion are subject to IMMEDIATE removal..


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