I STILL say all JAYeeeeeee needs is a pencil pocket-protector and a bobble head. I mean, c’mon!! Can’t you just PICTURE it?!?

I STILL say all JAYeeeeeee needs is a pencil pocket-protector and a bobble head.  I mean, c'mon!!  Can't you just PICTURE it?!?

“Carney Keeps on Digging”

8:24 PM, May 10, 2013• By STEPHEN F. HAYES

“…in an uncharacteristically hostile White House press briefing…Carney offered a series of highly misleading answers…likely to do additional damage to…White House credibility.

…a question…why…the White House repeatedly pointed to a YouTube video as the cause of…Benghazi, Carney claimed…he was working from the same talking points as U.N. ambassador Susan Rice…the video was not mentioned in any of the…talking points.

…claimed that Rice devoted some of her time on…September 16 talking “about the possibility that al Qaeda might be involved or other al Qaeda affiliates might be involved or non-al Qaeda Libyan extremists.”…as BuzzFeed notes, that’s not…true. “Outside of a brief mention on CBS’s Face the Nation, Rice…did not discuss the involvement of al Qaeda or…affiliates.”

…claimed…no hard evidence before Susan Rice’s television appearances on September 16 that…al Qaeda were involved in the attacks. That’s…not true. Beth Jones, acting assistant secretary for Near Eastern affairs at the State Department, sent an email on September 12…“the group that conducted the attacks, Ansar al Sharia, is affiliated with Islamic terrorists.”

…claimed that Ansar al Sharia “withdrew” claims of responsibility…their actual statement was “neither a full denial nor a full claim of responsibility,” according to Long War Journal’s Bill Roggio.

…reiterated his claim that the White House only made “one change” to CIA talking points…According to internal Obama administration documents and emails, other senior Obama officials suggested deep and substantive revisions to the talking points…asked whether the White House had a role “…in…directing the changes,” Carney dodged.”

By Doug

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